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Mail Forwarding Your Business

Are you considering a virtual mailbox for business mail needs? MyRVmail offers affordable virtual mailbox solutions for business purposes. Small and large businesses can save time and money by using a virtual mailbox to streamline mailing operations. Virtual office mail forwarding is a valuable business feature that ensures business mail and packages are forwarded accordingly with the professional support you need. Using our business plan, you'll have access to advanced tools to help manage business mail virtually. You can forward mail and packages with business management tools designed to ensure you meet the needs of your business. Wherever you travel, you can manage and control your business mail easily.

What is Virtual

Office Mail Forwarding?

A virtual office mailbox is perfect for traveling business owners who need access to their mail. Having a virtual mailbox for business use simplifies mail handling through advanced management tools that help control your business mail while traveling. Our service provides users with a Florida-based address for forwarding business mail. Our safe and secure mailing facility receives, scans, and delivers the mail to the address you want, when you want. Our scanning services provide quality images of your mail and packages in your account dashboard, where you can manage and control your mail from anywhere. You can share access to the virtual mailbox with your employees to streamline mailing processes.

How Your Business Can

Benefit from a Virtual Mailbox

A virtual mailbox makes address mail forwarding an easy task for your business. There are many benefits businesses can enjoy with a virtual mailbox. You have around-the-clock online access to your virtual mailbox. You can get notifications and alerts when mail is scanned, including time-sensitive documents, invoices, permits, checks, etc. You can access your mail online from anywhere by computer or mobile device. You can review mail with a live customer service representative. Your business can obtain a toll-free/local phone or fax number. Other communication tools, including call forwarding and faxing, are optional. Businesses also have the option to customize voicemail greetings.

Forward Business Mail with

Our Business Plan

How can businesses use our services for mail forwarding? MyRVmail offers virtual office mail forwarding services through our business plan option. Our business plan was designed to meet business needs. While it has features included in our Premium plan, the Business plan has comprehensive features essential for running your business virtually. The plan offers communication features of call forwarding, toll-free or local numbers, and faxing. Enjoy free check deposits and bundled scans. You can also automate notifications, alerts, and summaries for new mail, important documents, and outgoing shipments. You can change your forwarding address, turn off your mail forwarding account, and access your dashboard through Android and iOS apps whenever you need to.

Why Use MyRVmail for Business

Address Mail Forwarding?

MyRVmail provides affordable and reliable mail forwarding services for businesses and working professionals. Our services are designed to make managing mail easy while traveling. Our services have helped business travelers, skilled workers, home business owners, small business owners, and more operate their businesses with streamlined processes and productive results. Our Business plan offers everything in the Premium plan but with additional features designed with business traveling in mind. We offer competitively priced plans with affordable rates for other services. Our business software provides a customized experience for business owners to manage their mail anytime and anywhere. You can call our customer service number and speak to a live representative when you need assistance.