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Reliable US Postal Service Address

Forwarding for Travelers

Are you an RVer or traveler seeking an affordable way to forward mail when traveling? We understand sending and receiving mail is an essential priority for RVers and travelers. RVers and travelers looking for a way to keep up with their mail while on the move can take advantage of mail forwarding services with MyRVmail. As a mail forwarding service, we provide a wide range of services to help customers manage and control their mail and packages. Users can change their forwarding address as needed as well as turn on and off their account. Our services ensure your mail is safe and secure while giving you control of how it is handled.

Flexible Mail Forwarding with Physical

Street Address Florida

Our mail forwarding services are perfect for RVers and travelers looking for a virtual mailbox with a US- based address. Our service provides you with a Florida-based address for mail forwarding. You'll have full access to resources and tools through your account dashboard, which is easy to use on a computer or mobile app. The account dashboard lets you see every piece of mail forwarded to your Florida-based address. Our scanning service provides digital images of your mail processed at our secure mail facility. Creating an account gives you access to various features, including unlimited envelope scans, email summaries of new mail received, the ability to ship your mail on a schedule, and more.

Receive Mail for Multiple

People at One Address

Are you looking for a mail forwarding service that makes it easy to forward mail for family members? When you sign up for US postal service address forwarding services with MyRVmail, you can receive mail for other family members or staff if using services for small business purposes. Whether you're forwarding magazine subscriptions or medicine prescriptions, you can manage all correspondence for yourself and others from the same address. Our services make it easy for virtual mailbox users to share their mailbox with family members and enjoy service features at a competitive price. You can access your account through the mobile device app and get customer support by phone for questions or concerns.

Managing Your Mail Easy with

Our Forwarding Options

Our mail forwarding service plans are available at competitive prices for personal and business use. Control and manage mail delivered to your assigned physical street address in Florida easily by choosing the mail service you want through your account dashboard. Manage your mail with features including unlimited cover scans, account sharing with family members, advanced account management tools, and more. You can choose to shred and recycle unwanted mail, and we can take care of junk mail for you. We can alert you of important mail, such as a court summons and certified mail. There are no fees for mail storage or incoming mail, and there is no limit on the amount of mail you can receive.

Florida Residency Not Required for Postal

Service Address Forwarding

While a physical street address in Florida is used as a forwarding address, you do not have to be a Florida resident to use the service. Our mail forwarding services are unique because users are assigned a Florida-based address that can be used for residency purposes for travelers interested in making the state their permanent address. Customers are not required to be Florida residents, but you can use the address for personal or business mail forwarding purposes. RVers and travelers can enjoy many benefits and options with one address you won't find with other virtual mailbox providers. Contact us today if you have questions or want to sign up for virtual mailbox services.