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Our services come in two categories: individual services and then business services.


Manage your postal mail and packages with our smartphone or android app online anytime, from anywhere - Your virtual mailbox is a digital mailbox service that allows you access from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Re-direct mail to your new MyRVmail address. Get alerts when new mail arrives. Keep tabs on how much mail you have by email, website, or app, and when you are ready to have it shipped, simply make a couple clicks or give us a call.

Mail Images
When mail or packages arrive, we upload an exterior image to your mailbox for easy viewing. With a couple of clicks, you can tell us what to do with each item: ship, scan envelope contents, deposit checks, or shred. It will all be up to you.

If you need your envelopes or packages sent, we will consolidate all of your items into one single package to save on shipping charges. If you no longer have a need for a particular item, you can have it securely shredded and recycled. We use USPS, FedEx, and UPS as carriers which gives you a wide variety of pricing and speed options anywhere between 3-5 business all the way down to overnight guaranteed.

Need to see what's inside an envelope right away? Request a scan of an item right from your account. All scans are high quality color PDFs (the near global standard in portable documents) delivered to you within the time window you request. We'll even send you an email to let you know when we're done. Scans can be saved, printed, emailed, or anything else you might need.

Check Depositing
Do you receive checks in the mail often? No problem. Right from your account you can have them deposited. This is much faster than shipping and there's no need to wonder where the nearest branch is or even bother going there.

We'll never waste your money by shipping junk mail, we remove that as soon as we see it. That said, if there's something else in your account that you don't want, simply trash it and we'll handle the rest including securely shredding it on-site sufficiently that no information is recoverable.


Everything from Premium
Our Business plan starts on solid footing. If it's available for the Premium plan, it's available in the Business plan.

Local/Toll-free Numbers
Despite cell phones being ubiquitous, having a toll-free number is still an easy way to add credibility to your business. With a Business plan you are entitled to one phone number and one fax number both of which can be either local or toll-free. These numbers are used for various features included with your Business plan.

Call Forwarding
Rather than buying a second phone or revealing a personal phone number used for business purposes, simply forward your chosen phone number to another number of your choosing. This number can be updated whenever you want.

With our voicemail service you'll be able to customize the greeting with either a text greeting that is read by a pre-recorded voice or record/upload your own audio. In both cases, voicemails left will appear in your account to retrieve. Voicemails can be downloaded and/or deleted.

Ditch the physical fax machine all together and gain the ability to send/receive faxes directly from your account. Faxes people send to the number you registered will show up electronically in your account.

Check Depositing
Same as Premium but completely free!

Folks of all backgrounds trust MyRVmail for their mail forwarding needs, including:

Small Business Owners
Home Business Owners
Frequent Business Travelers
Leisure Travelers
Merchant Mariners
Traveling Nurses
College Students
Armed Forces
U.S. Sailors
Retired Military
Skilled Workers
Anyone on the go!

Thanks for your interest in services with MyRVmail!

For absolutely the lowest price in the industry plus postage, you can have your very own personal mail forwarding service. As you consider which mail forwarding service to select, we would like you to know that the majority of our new clients are referred to us from our existing mail service clients.

Selecting a mail forwarding service is an important decision. At MyRVmail, we take this responsibility very seriously. As a member of our mail service, you will come to enjoy our personalized service and our attention to detail and accuracy. During business hours, we always answer our phones and you'll speak with a live American based representative. If you are looking for a specific piece of mail, we are happy to go over your mail over the phone if necessary. Our customized business software helps you keep track and manage every item in your mailbox.