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What is

Digital Mailbox Service?

Do you need a convenient way to access your mail while traveling? You may find our digital mailbox services useful. When you need to forward mail while traveling, a digital mailbox service makes it possible with online tools designed to help you manage mail and packages from anywhere via your computer or mobile device. The service allows you to access your mail online through an assigned postal address for mail forwarding. Our services are affordable yet comprehensive. We offer more services and more flexibility than other cheap virtual mailbox options. Our services were designed with RVers in mind, but other groups such as individuals, travelers, and small business owners have also found them helpful.

What Can Your

Digital Mailbox Do?

Your digital mailbox helps you manage and control mail transfer and USPS forwarding options through an account dashboard. As incoming mail gets processed through our secure mailing facility, you'll learn what mail was received through scanned images made available through your dashboard. You can access details at any time, day or night. We make it easy for you to review your mail's exterior and interior details. You can request to shred and recycle mail you don't want. You can choose which documents to store in your account. You can deposit checks and forward mail and packages when necessary. You can also choose to automate tasks to make things easier for you.

More Than Just

Cheap Virtual Mailbox

Whether traveling as an individual, as a family, or for business, you get more than just the options for mail transfer USPS forwarding services offer. With safe and secure features worth the investment, your virtual mailbox allows you to share your forwarding address with family members, friends, and business clients so you can receive their mail while traveling. We can receive mail from carriers, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Our professionally trained staff will receive, scan, and upload mail information to your account. You can view the mail from your computer or mobile phone and start managing it immediately. We provide reliable services and flexibility, including free envelope scans, check deposit initiation, automatic shipping, and much more.

Customize Your Mail Transfer - USPS, UPS, FedEx & DHL

Packages Shipped Anywhere

Are you an RVer or traveler who runs a small business or has important deliveries regularly, such as prescription medication or paychecks? Our mail forwarding services are ready to help. We accept and ship packages, making it easy for you to forward them to an address of your choice. You can also group your shipments into a bundle to make shipping multiple items more efficient and affordable. If you're expecting a delivery from USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL, we can receive it and forward it to the address of your choice. Our scanning services let you know when the package arrives, and you can schedule when and where to deliver your shipment afterward.

An Affordable Way to

Manage Mail While Traveling

If you're an RVer making personal or business-related travel plans and need an affordable and secure virtual mailbox for mail forwarding, our services can help. Monthly rates for our digital mailbox service are reasonable. Our services make it easy for travelers to obtain a cheap virtual mailbox with comprehensive features on an affordable budget. We understand traveling can be costly, and you may have concerns about retrieving mail. Our services are helpful for people who may not have someone they can trust to retrieve their mail from home. Our services have helped people with short- and long- term travel plans access their mail safely and securely with advanced management tools that are easy to use while on the go.