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Package Forwarding Done Easy

Forwarding packages is easy with a reliable mail forwarding service through MyRVmail. Our services include affordable and fast mail forwarding options for packages. You'll be able to view packages as they arrive through our scanning services. A digital image is created for online viewing through your account. Our services make it easy for you to manage packages online as you would with other mail. You can select the carrier to forward your shipment, choose a shipping method for your packages, schedule a forwarding date in advance, combine packages into one shipment, and more. Shipment options and rates are competitive and vary based on weight.

Manage Packages

Online with Other Mail

Do you need a fast and secure way to handle incoming packages while traveling? Anytime packages are received, you can manage them from your account dashboard using our package forwarding service. As mail and packages are received, they are scanned and processed so you can view them from your dashboard while traveling. You'll receive a digital image of your mail, and you can choose where to forward it or place a delivery request. You don't have to worry about missing a delivery; you'll learn when mail arrives that needs your attention immediately. Whether you need mail forwarding for personal or business purposes, you'll have the control you need to manage incoming mail easily while on the road.

The Benefits of

Mail and Package Forwarding

Our virtual mailbox services offer reliable benefits that make mail forwarding easy and convenient. Incoming mail and packages are processed as soon as they are received at our mailing facility. Our services include receiving forwarded mail through UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL couriers. You have peace of mind knowing your mail is being collected and stored at one location safely and securely. Our affordable shipping rates feature competitive prices and discounts due to our ability to handle high mail volume. Save money by combining your mail and packages when you need to ship them as one bundle. Customize your shipping with our affordable shipping options.

Save by Bundling

Mail and Package Shipments

Did you know you can arrange to have packages physically sent to wherever you are? As a US package forwarding service, we can forward your mail and packages sent through significant carriers such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL into one shipment for your convenience. Our scanning service allows you to view all of your mail and packages through your account dashboard so you can manage your mail at all times. When you're ready to have mail forwarded, choose which mail and packages you want to receive and they can come to you as one money-saving shipment. Our services ensure your packages are forwarded safely, securely, and quickly through your chosen shipping method.

Why Use Our US

Package Forwarding Service?

MyRVmail uses state-of-the-art technology tools to provide a wide range of mail forwarding options for customers seeking digital mailbox services. Whether you need a virtual mailbox for personal or business use, our US package forwarding service makes it easy to forward and manage mail and packages through an online portal. You can view images of your mail easily and securely with free monthly envelope scans and the ability to initiate check deposits. You can review your mail over the phone with a live representative when you have questions or concerns. We'll help you manually or automatically ship mail and packages through USPS or FedEx. To learn more or to get started, contact us today.